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Child Care Plus

Male & Female . Below 18 yrs
Rs. 1,850
Manipal Hospitals-Old airport Road, Bengaluru
With several exhaustive examinations, our ‘Child Care Plus’ is just what you need for examining the overall health of a child.
  • Blood Grouping, Rh Type and Antibody Screen
  • Complete Blood Counts (Automated)
  • ESR ( Automated )
  • HC Dental Medicine Consultation
  • HC Opthalmology Consultation
  • HC Paediatric Consultation
  • HC Physical Examination
  • Peripheral Smear Examination(P.S)
  • Stool Routine ( Qualitative Method )
  • Urine Routine and Microscopy ( Qualitative Method)
• Includes 9 personalized tests to detect any underlying health condition.

• Offers complete evaluation of oral health with a dental check-up.

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